Bundt Pan Lending Library_installation view_2009.jpg

The Bundt Pan Lending Library is a circulating library of one hundred unusual cake moulds. It formed in 2008.

As part of The Obituary Project, it responds to the creation story of the Bundt pan and its transformation from an intricately shaped, cast iron pan from Europe to the Teflon-coated reproduction found in homes across the USA. The Lending Library is an obituary for the man credited with inventing the Bundt and the women who have organized communities and contributed to the traditions, culinary and beyond, that sustain us.

As a temporary fixture in storefronts, community spaces, schools, and galleries, the Lending Library encourages potential bakers to re-enact and record the baking of old or undocumented recipes.

Mobilizing people starts with the exchange of ideas. Baking, culturally and historically overdetermined, is not a trivial act. Bakers have long functioned as grassroot activists whose cakes –at bake sales, potlucks, parties, funerals, lectures, and meetings of all kinds– draw people together. The borrowing of moulds leads to the sharing of cake, recipes, conversation, and to change.

The Bundt Pan Lending Library follows in the steps and alongside other free lending libraries such as the Berkeley Tool Lending Library, the Burlington Snow Shovel Lending Library, Pornainen Municipal Library's circulating snow shoes, Ann Arbor's Telescope Collection, Faye Emerson's Dress Lending Library, St. Clair County Library System's collection of circulating fishing poles, the Chicago Public Library's framed circulating poster collection, and seed libraries, toy libraries, tent libraries, public bookcases, and bookmobiles everywhere, public spaces and institutions without religious or commercial affiliations that improve the lives of the public as they make resources accessible to everyone.